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Accurate Soil Moisture Sensors for Irrigation Management

Accurate Soil Moisture Sensors for Irrigation Management

Agricultural producers and growers face a wide range of challenges when it comes to the management of their crops. From rising input costs, grappling with water scarcity, and severe weather events from freezes to drought, growers will need to continue to adapt and utilize technology to optimize their operations. The KestrelMet 6000 AG Weather Station helps growers do just that by providing reliable data on various environmental elements.

In particular, the soil sensor array kit can be incredibly beneficial for those looking to optimize their irrigation management practices. With these sensors installed in the ground at the crop location, growers are able to get accurate readings on the moisture levels of their soil. The sensor kit features Watermark sensors that measures soil moisture and soil temperature at three different depths, providing valuable data on soil conditions throughout the root zone of the target crop. It gives farmers with irrigation more control over their data ensuring optimal watering schedules and ensuring that crops receive neither too much nor too little water throughout the growing season.

Additionally, it can help farmers save both time and money as they will no longer have to guesstimate how much water needs to be applied in different areas at different times.

Overall, the KestrelMet 6000 AG, agricultural producers can better plan their irrigation efforts while also reducing wasteful water use and optimizing crop growth in the process.

KestrelMet Soil Sensor Array Installation


Watch this tutorial for instructions on installing the Watermark soil sensors for the KestrelMet 6000 AG weather station. The KestrelMet soil sensor kit consists of three probes, each on a 15’ cable. The probes are buried at three different depths corresponding to the root zone of the target vegetation providing accurate soil data throughout the entire active root zone. This is the recommended method for tracking conditions wherever soil moisture matters -- on farms, vineyards, orchards, golf courses, gardens and other spaces.

Caption: View current and historical on-farm KestrelMet 6000 weather data on the Ambient Weather Network app or online portal.

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