Pre-Construction Wind & Precipitation Monitoring for Building Sites with the KestrelMet 6000 Weather Station

Pre-Construction Wind & Precipitation Monitoring for Building Sites with the KestrelMet 6000 Weather Station

Using a KestrelMet® 6000 weather station can provide valuable information about the local weather, including temperature highs and lows, precipitation patterns, and wind conditions. This data can help you determine if the site is suitable for the type of house or facility you are planning to build, as well as identify any potential issues that might arise during construction.

Anticipating weather conditions during the pre-construction phase equips construction managers with valuable insights, enabling them to proactively implement risk mitigation strategies right from the project's inception. By optimizing contingency measures before breaking ground, rather than resorting to costly and perilous trial-and-error adjustments once construction is underway, projects can ensure both financial savings and increased safety.

For example, if the area is prone to heavy rainfall, you may need to consider installing additional drainage systems to prevent water damage.

The Significance of Wind and Rainfall Monitoring in New Building Sites

The impact of wind and precipitation monitoring cannot be overstated when it comes to the development of new building sites. Access to historical onsite weather data is essential to guaranteeing the stability and safety of the structure, even when faced with the most severe weather conditions. By closely tracking wind and precipitation patterns, engineers gain invaluable insights that influence material selection, architectural design, and optimal site placement.

Accurate construction site wind and rainfall data empowers architects to craft designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with efficiency. For instance, a region prone to strong winds can inspire architects to design a structure with heightened aerodynamics, capable of effectively countering wind forces.

Likewise, precipitation data plays a pivotal role in tailoring roofing solutions to the local climate. This ensures that the building's roof is perfectly suited to endure and manage varying levels of rainfall over time. Through the careful integration of these factors, a comprehensive approach is established to ensure the safety and security of the building's occupants. In the absence of diligent wind and precipitation monitoring, the building's structural integrity could be compromised, leaving it susceptible to collapse or damage in the face of extreme weather events.

“I've been able to make better-informed decisions thanks to the KestrelMet's real-time text alerts on wind, temperature, and pecipitation trends. For instance, we had a project where the weather forecast predicted moderate winds, but the KestrelMet alerted us to dangerous gusts due to the upvalley winds and surrounding terrain. This insight saved us from potential mishaps and allowed us to implement precautionary measures.”
-Tom S.,Engineering Manager

Real-Time Weather Conditions Monitoring in Pre-Construction Phase: A Strategic Approach for Proactive Risk Management

While weather forecasts offer advance warnings spanning multiple days, their information remains quite generic and doesn't cater to site-specific nuances. It's essential to take into account that geographical features influence localized wind behaviors, potentially subjecting a project site to hazardous gusts even when the forecast predicts only moderate winds.

Plus, the KestrelMet 6000 makes it easy to collect and store data at the click of a button.

View and log your weather station data 24/7 via the the Ambient Weather Network (AWN) mobile phone app or online portal. Get additional historical and current onsite weather reports by zip code to compare.

Long-Lasting, Reliable Performance with Wi-Fi or Cellular Connectivity

​Solar-powered with a backup battery, the KestrelMet is a completely standalone solution right out of the box. A Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity weather station can be a great addition to any home or business.

The KestrelMet cellular weather station emerges as a highly viable solution for remote or rural construction and building sites that lack Wi-Fi access or reliability. Its standout feature lies in the integrated modem, eliminating the need for external cables or separate data logger units. This innovation ensures seamless and real-time weather monitoring without dependency on traditional connectivity methods. With KestrelMet, even remote or isolated sites can maintain accurate weather insights, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive construction site management.

Plus, the KestrelMet 6000 cellular station offers a low-cost data plan with the first year FREE.

When accuracy and reliability are a priority, the KestrelMet 6000 is your go-to choice for construction and jobsite monitoring.