KestrelMet Soil Sensor Array Kit


KestrelMet has taken the gold standard for soil moisture measurement and added temperature sensors that maximize the accuracy of the Watermark readings as well as provide growers with additional insight. The soil sensor array consists of 3 probes, each on a 15’ cable. Each probe measures soil water tension using a Watermark sensor and soil temperature less than an inch above the Watermark sensor. Probes are typically buried at 3 different depths corresponding to the root zone of the target vegetation.

WATERMARK is the leading brand of Granular Matrix Sensor (GMS) and has been used worldwide for reliability and accuracy in measuring soil moisture.

The KestrelMet soil sensor array can be easily added to any KestrelMet station with an M12 aux sensor cable. If your KestrelMet station does not have the aux cable, please contact to discuss installation options.


  • Temperature sensors: +/- 0.2 C

KestrelMet Soil Sensor Array Installation from Nielsen Kellerman on Vimeo.

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