AgroMET & IP-100 Package


Professional Agricultural Weather System with Cloud Web Hosting

The superior technology of the AgroMET Weather Station with the addition of the IP-100 to upload your weather data to the web.


The RainWise AgroMET Weather Station is the official weather station authorized by NEWA for recording temperature, leaf wetness, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and direction. This essential data is sent via radio from your AgroMET Weather Station to the IP-100 where it is decoded and sent on to™; no computer is required – you just need a connection to the Internet.™ exchanges your information with the NEWA server so your data is always available on both websites.

The AgroMET comes factory assembled and ready to install. The 1-mile line-of-sight transmission to the IP-100 network interface allows for optimum weather station placement. The IP-100 unit simply connects to a router or switch to communicate directly with the™ cloud server.

The IP-100 provides access to real-time weather data in multiple formats:

  • Online via RainwiseNet™ (Software included)
  • Purchase our RainWise iPhone or iPad app for access to your data on the go!
  • If available in your region, you can participate in the Network for Environmental & Weather applications (NEWA) and receive the latest in pest and crop forecasts. Access to NEWA is free of charge. To see the NEWA network, go to

*The AgroMET Weather Station must be purchased together with the RainWise IP-100 Network Interface to enable connection with NEWA.

Product Features

This station has been designed to specifically support the agricultural community with the following key sensors:

  • Precipitation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Solar Radiation

The sleek sensor assembly design is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 pounds, and has been designed to offer durability and serviceability. It is the most accurate, durable and easiest to install weather station available.

The AgroMET features a powerful 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio with a transmission range of up to 1 mile in the line of sight. It also features an industry best, real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval.

Special Features:

  • The solar charged battery supply is guaranteed to provide continues operation below 60 degrees latitude. The MK III will operate for at least 60 days without sun.
  • Since there is no connection between the sensors and the power line, damage from thunderstorms is virtually eliminated and the sensors are immune to power line voltage surges.
  • The initial sensor calibrations for wind, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • The passive solar shield for the temperature and humidity sensors are modeled after the ones designed by the National Weather Service.All materials used in the sensor assembly and weather instruments have been chosen for their durability and resistance to weathering and corrosion.
  • All of our weather station hardware is stainless steel. The station is fabricated from fiberglass and structural PVC and is ultra-violet inhibited. The optional Mono Mount is made from powder coated steel and is supplied with bolts for mounting.

The IP-100 Network Interface

The compact Rainwise IP-100 Network Interface facilitates unprecedented transmission and access of real time weather data from your RainWise AgroMET Weather Station to NEWA and the new RainWise online cloud based data hosting and web portal, RainwiseNet™.

The IP-100 can also deliver instant, mobile real-time weather data to you via iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad RainWise apps (available through Apple iTunes), or through Android AP available at Play Store.

The RainWise IP-100 is quick to install and comes with a simple online registration to enable direct data transmission from your AgroMET Weather Station. Getting your weather data is now easier than ever!

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This is the part replacement instructions for a Mini-Aervane (also known as) a Anemometer. This is for the MKIII, and earlier version Weather Stations, Agromet, and Telemet Stations.

Product Questions

The MK-III Weather Station is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt / 5 AMP Hour Battery.  It is a rechargeable battery that is recharged daily by the solar panel attached to the weather station sensor assembly.

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Please see our guidance here for changing the battery in my MK-III weather station:

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

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