Why Choose KestrelMet?

Made in the USA and committed to supporting small businesses.

KestrelMet is proud to say that our products are American-made. Every aspect of our production process is handled by our dedicated, experienced team of instrument professionals in our Boothwyn, PA headquarters.

In this era of globalization and international outsourcing it has become increasingly difficult for American small businesses to remain competitive. Outsourcing is an unavoidable part of modern manufacturing, but we don’t believe this means we have to source offshore. Instead, we attempt to support US small businesses whenever possible. This philosophy has made it possible for us to directly support over a dozen small businesses. These companies include marketing specialists, contract manufacturers, and plastics manufacturers.

Industry best warranty

KestrelMet offers a full 2-year warranty on all of our consumer products and a 5-year warranty on our industrial products. We also offer a fully comprehensive 5-year extended warranty on our consumer weather stations. These industry-best warranties are a testament to our quality.

Money-Back Guarantee

We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with our 2-year warranty. If you ever have a problem or question about your KestrelMet product, you can come straight to us. From our Customer Service Representatives to the President of the company, we all answer the phone and know these products inside and out. If you have a problem, we'll fix it.

Free shipping on orders over $250*

When you order your weather instruments from KestrelMet, we offer free shipping for retail orders over $250 to your home or business located anywhere in the continental United States. This is not a gimmick or a "limited-time offer"- instead, it's a standard policy KestrelMet is pleased to offer our customers as thanks for giving KestrelMet the chance to be your weather products supplier.
* Free shipping is available for online retail orders over $250. Special offers and promotions may be excluded from this offer.

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