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The RainWise MK4 Cellular Weather Station can ONLY connect to a cellular network (typically Verizon or AT&T according to your station's SIM card for US customers), and can not connect to a WiFi network. You can use provider coverage maps or third party tools such as the Open Signal app or RootMetrics app to plan an optimal location for your station.

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Please see our guidance here for changing a Reed Switch Assembly:

Instructions for Changing a Reed Switch Assembly

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Please see our guidance here for changing a Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor:

This document is the instructions for changing your RH/T (also known as Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor) This is for the version 80 sensors, most recent for MKIII Products in 2019/2020.

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Please see our guidance here for changing Cables for your Weather Station's MAV or RH/T Sensors:

This document is the instructions for changing Cables for either the Mini Aervane or Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors or Both.

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You will need a serial to usb converter. When purchasing a converter, make sure it has the FTDI Chipset.

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A red LED on the bottom of the electronics enclosure will flash every few seconds.

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Please see our guidance here for changing the battery in my MK-III weather station:

Installation guide to install and change a 6V battery on an MK-III Weather Station

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Operating modes:

When power switch is flipped ON, the station will transmit once every 5 minutes for a period of 30 minutes, and then revert to normal operation mode, transmitting every 15 minutes. During that time, the multicolor LED on the PV power panel will indicate the connection status:

  • Flashing magenta (every 10 seconds): Attempting to connect to a cellular network
  • Flashing green (every 10 seconds): Standard Operation
  • Flashing blue (every 10 seconds): Power Saver Mode
  • Flashing red (every 10 seconds): Logging Mode
  • Flashing red (every 20 seconds): Hibernation Mode

The RainWise MK4 Cellular Weather Station is shipped with a fully charged battery and the station is designed to maintain Normal Operation in subfreezing weather. If solar charging is insufficient due to extended snow cover or installation in a shaded location, the station will change operating modes to conserve power as detailed in the table below:

Operating Mode Standard Power Saver Logging Hibernation Battery Level Battery Charged Low battery Critically Low Battery Critically Low Battery
Sensor Measurement Frequency 1 min 2 min 5 min None
Fan Aspiration Active 24 Hours Active 24 Hours Active 24 Hours Off
Cellular DataTransmission Frequency 15 min 15 min 24 hr None
Blinking LED Green Blue Red Red
LED Frequency 10 sec 10 sec 10 sec 20 sec

IMPORTANT: If the station enters hibernation mode due to a depleted battery, the station must be left turned “on” and placed in direct sunlight to recharge. If the station is in hibernation mode for an extended period of time, the red LED will stop blinking. When the battery is charged sufficiently (typically 1-3 days), the station will switch back to Logging mode, then Normal Operation mode as charging allows. You will receive an email notification when the station returns to Normal Operation mode.

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Please see our guidance here for changing a Wind Sensor:

This is the part replacement instructions for a Mini-Aervane (also known as) a Anemometer. This is for the MKIII, and earlier version Weather Stations, Agromet, and Telemet Stations.

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Yes, you will need to have some type of receiving device to receive transmissions from the Sensor Assembly outside to be able to see your weather data.  This can be a multi display, an IP-100 network device, or a computer interface such as the CC3000.

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All MK-III Weather Stations produced since early 2019 transmit using a 2.4 GHz frequency.  This product line was previously known as the Long Range Unit.  It is now considered the Standard Unit as all previous versions have been discontinued.  Some previous products prior to 2018 and earlier transmitted using a 418 and 433 MHz frequency.

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The MK-III Weather Station is powered by a rechargeable 6 volt / 5 AMP Hour Battery.  It is a rechargeable battery that is recharged daily by the solar panel attached to the weather station sensor assembly.

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If your Dashboard is not showing data ...

First, determine if it is either "no radio signal" or "Offline".  These mean two very different things, and will be troubleshot differently as well.

NO RADIO SIGNAL means that your receiving device (IP-100 or Telemet) is not receiving any data or signal from the weather station (transmitting device).  If your outside sensor assembly is easily accessible and you are registering NO RADIO SIGNAL feel free to power cycle the weather station (transmitting device) outside using the toggle switch on the bottom.  If this does not recover your signal within 30 minutes, please contact tech support.

OFFLINE means that your receiving device is not communicating with our servers here at Rainwise.  Typically indicating that it is not able to communicate with the world wide web (internet).  This has nothing to do with the signal coming from the weather station (transmitting device).  Your system could still be receiving data from the weather station, yet not able to send the data to the servers.  If it has been OFFLINE for only a short time your receiving device may have cached data stored in it temprarily, so please do not unplug or power cycle the network device until you first test your internet connectivity using other internet capable devices connected to your network.

Please feel free to contact tech support directly for further troubleshooting.


For company wide server status for please check here for any maintenance or outage reports:


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Please see our guidance here for troubleshooting rainguage no rainfall data:

This document describes in detail how to troubleshoot no rainfall data.

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To perform a factory reset on your Weather Oracle MK-III Multi-Display start first by removing any and all batteries that may be installed in the back of the display panel.  Once batteries are all removed press three buttons on the front of the display.

Press MIN, and then SELECT, and then BAROMETER.  Not holding any of them down, just three seperate button presses.  One right after another.  When you press on BAROMETER, press right in the center of the word BAROMETER.  If you successfully completed the factory reset, your windspeed will cycle through numbers really quickly., your clock will reset to 12:00 and within 10 seconds you should regain data from your station. 

Please note:  This process will remove any and all custom settings in the Weather Oracle MK-III Multi-Display.

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Unfortunately, no.  The device is hard coded to 15 minute intervals to maintain low data consumption.

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The device is hard coded to 15 minute intervals to maintain low data consumption.

The timestamp reflects the last transaction with your TeleMet, which is set to a 15 minute interval.

Preset to :00, :15, :30, :45 of the hour every hour.

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