Remote Solar Power Pack for the TeleMET II


With the RainWise Remote Power Pack, you have the freedom to install the TeleMET II in remote areas without the need for power.


As the TeleMET II communicates wirelessly with the RainWise MK-III and AgroMET based weather stations – the Power Pack can be placed in a location that has better cellular reception compared to were the weather station is placed. The distance between the Power Pack (with in the TeleMET II inside) & the MK-III/AgroMET weather stations can be up to 1 mile away (line of sight) but is recommended to be around 300-500 feet in order to guarantee flawless communication.

The Remote Solar Power Pack can be attached to a mast or mounted directly to a flat vertical surface. The included U-Bolt clamps can accommodate a pipe up to one inch in diameter. Adding the optional 3 foot tripod is recommended, and a vertical pipe or mast can easily be found in many hardware stores.

  • Complete Remote Power Solution for Off-Grid operation of the TeleMET II
  • 10 Watt high performance PV panel
  • Advanced battery charge controller protects against overcharge and over discharge
  • High Performance  (12V 7AH) Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Weatherproof Nema 4X / IP65, UV resistant, outdoor enclosure
  • Enclosures can be Wall or Pole Mounted – All mounting Hardware is included

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