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If money is no object and you want the best, just get the Kestrel Elite and read no further. The Elite meter will get even an amateur shooter on target at long range without wasting a lot of expensive ammo. If you looking to figure out what's best for your budget and your shooting, read on...

The Chart at the bottom of this page lays it out very clear of each option.

Knowing your environmental conditions can mean the difference between a hit or a miss in long-range shooting. Both, the Kestrel Elite and Kestrel 5700 Weather Meters with Applied Ballistics combine precise environmental measurements with 21st century ballistics solvers, providing you with elevation and windage holds customized to their weapon system and bullet.

Here is an easy ballistic comparison chart of Kestrel options. Of course, there is a whole range at which you can spend on these.

Every Kestrel is made in the USA, waterproof, and has a 5 year warranty.

From lowest to highest in price and capability:

Works via bluetooth (LiNK) with IOS or Android to our free Kestrel Weather app. Reads density altitude and you enter in manually or via bluetooth into your app.

Kestrel 2500
Gives you wind and altitude. You set it to station pressure manually, and you have the readings you need to manually enter into a 3rd party ballistic app. (Video Manuals)
$149 Yellow / $154 in Olive with NV (Red Backlight)

Kestrel 5000. The LiNK (Bluetooth) option includes a wind vane (tripod not included).
Check drop down for prices and color options: $259 or $319 with bluetooth.
Gives you wind speed (not wind direction), and much of the environmental data you need, including density altitude. You can set a user screen to give you exactly what you want to see on 1 screen. The screen technology is phenomenal and can be seen in broad daylight, or set for night shooting with dim red backlight for night vision.
Wind speed can be read on actual, average, or max (gusts).
Many Ballistic apps connect with this meter's LiNK (bluetooth) on both IOS and Android.

Kestrel 5700
Kestrel 5700$399 (Bluetooth)
This can be opened in weather mode, and its a 5500 with all you need to enter or connect to a ballistic app.
Open in Ballistic mode... Intended for those shooting under 1200 yards. G1 & G7 readings.
DSF - It does not have Drop Scale Factor, so if you are shooting transonic (past 1200 yards), do not get this meter, get the Elite. Shooting less than 1200, it won't matter.
No Custom Curves... The Elite has the custom curves. The 5700 does NOT.

Check the app store for 'Kestrel LiNK Ballistics' for the free download.You will load your guns / ammo from this app and they are quickly and easily interchangeable.
It can be upgraded later if you choose to the Elite by sending it in and paying the difference.
It will not have the custom drag curves from the Litz library.

Again, see the compare chart for the exact differences:

Kestrel Elite 5700 Applied Ballistics Meter (Best seller)
See prices in the dropdown: $599 or $699 w/ LINK
Keep in mind, to connect to your iPhone or Android, you need the LiNK (Bluetooth) model. The Elite will provide solutions out to 5500 yds, but the longest confirmed Kill shot I have heard of was 3871 yds and no mention of a Kestrel. There are Long range matches where 2000 yds is the range and they do use kestrels.

Check the app store for 'Kestrel LiNK Ballistics' for the free download.
98% of the ones we sell are with LiNK. To get the custom drag curves you need to have the app when loading your gun/ammo combos to the meter. Super simple to do.
The only ones who really don't get LiNK is when we sell to say and group order on a budget that then get one cable to load up a lot of meters from one PC.

​Custom Curves
- The Elite has the custom curves. The 5700 does NOT. People who rely on G1 / G7 rely on what the bullet manufacturer wants you to believe and is on the box. Sometimes this is marketing by the manufacturer. Companies are known to fudge there G7 factors to make it sounds better than it is against the competition.The Custom curves have been tested and proven. They are measurements to a specific bullet, so there is a lot of value to someone that cares. This has tremendous value, which is what costs you $300 more for the Elite, but will easily save you that in bullets over time.

Also note...
The LINK (Bluetooth) version interacts with iPhone, Android and now the a series of range finders with LiNK.
Kestrel meters are NEVER discounted, anywhere. If you find it discounted, ask questions, as it's forbidden by any authorized dealer. We encourage you to buy right from as ours are fresh off the factory floor and usually less than a few weeks old.

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